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801 Charles Boyington was born on 11/11/21, the child of Ernest and Jennie Boyington. He graduated from Revere High school in 1939. He served in the US Marine Corps in World War II, and married Gertrude Watson after eloping in November, 1948. Charles worked for more than 30 years at the Monsanto Chemical Co in Everett, MA. Roger worked with his Uncle Charles for two summers at Monsanto in the early 1960's. Gertrude worked as a registered nurse at the Whidden Hospital in Everett, MA. Charles died of a heart attack on 3/30/97 in Malden, MA. He and Gertrude have three children: Beth, Douglas and Carol. Boyington, Charles Douglas (I28904)
802 Charles Burt Hilliard and Jane Burt Hapgood were first cous
ins. They had a dry goods store in Rutland. 
Hilliard, Charles Burt (I42282)
803 Charles Mercer had that Betty was born in Los Angeles California. But Harold says she was born in Cincinati, Ohio. Charles has San Bernadido Couty is where she died. Harold has Victorville. So Victorville is where there son Vernon lives. I am not sure if this is San Bernadido County or not. Weiskopf, Margaret Elizabeth (I49890)
804 Charles Mercer has birth in Sonoma County. Johns, Beatrice H. (I49983)
805 Charles Mercer has Harriet's middle name as Parmenter. This comes from Ancestrial Harriet Parmenter Richarsdon (1H3Q-GS) born 1 Dec. 1824 Littleton, New Hampshire.

The Heywood Genealogy has Harriet's middle name as Palmer. According to Charles Mercer the birth date could be February 1, 1825 at Grafton County, New Hampshire, or it could be Dec. 1, 1825. And her birth may have been in Concord, Vermont. The Hetzler Family, A History and Genealogy" Parts 1 and 2; additionally, an update downloaded from the internet site: e=1029870848 on Aug. 2002, Prior to 1987, Volume II deals with the Hetzler branches not dealt with in the first Volume.

Charles Mercer selected pages of Vol. 1 and printed downloaded additions to the original., Multiple, Germantown, Ohio Public Library.
The name of Harriet Palmer Richardson comes up with
HARRIET PALMER RICHARDSON, born December 1, 1825 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire; died January 27, 1889 in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa. Married JOHN HETZLER.
The birth date of Dec. 1, 1825 born in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire comes up under this genealogy report. This lists that she died January 17, 1889 in Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa. She married John Hetzler. Harriet Palmer Richardson is the daughter of Stephen Richardson. Stephen's brother Luther Richardson has two daughters that marry a brother of John Hetzler named Adam Hetzler. Sarah Ann Richardson married John Hetzler's brother Adam Hetzler. After Sarah died, Adam married Adelia Richardson who Sarah Ann's sister for a second wife.

So there are two death dates. One is June 27, 1889 and the other is January 27, 1889. Both have died at Waterloo, Iowa. Records in Waterloo, Iowa needed to confirm which date is correct.

Charles Mercer has Harriet's name listed as Harriet Parmenter Richardson. The Heywood Genealogy lists her name as Harriet Palmer Richardson and the "Supplement to the Richardson Memorial" has her name merely as Harriet P. Richardson. 
Richardson, Harriet (I49945)
806 Charles Mercer has marriage of Helen and Arthur Windsor Johns as 1936. Harold Johns says it was in 1944. I would go with Harold's date as this is his brother. Family (F17910)
807 Charles Mercer places George Levi Hetzler in Orange County, California 1925-1930. He could have died in Modesto, California. Nebraska was part of the Missouri teritory in 1866. George was in Oregon in December 1920.
Harriet Adelia Hetzler Johns writes in her December 1920 autobiographical sketch: "George Levi (Hetzler) my second brother was born in Morgan County, Missouri August 30, 1866. He is at this time living in Oregon, was married late in life and had no children."

From Charles Mercer:
George Levi Hetzler (2180)37,1
Name-Var: __ ___ ____ George Betzer; This is the way that his name appeared in the 1885 Nebraska State census index3,22
Birth* 30 Aug 1866 Morgan County, Missouri; The 1900 census indicated that he was born in Indiana.37,47,4,23
Witness: 11 Mar 1881 Death; Adelia Richardson (997); Lyons, Burt County, Nebraska.19,4
Witness: 31 Aug 1881 Probate; Adelia Richardson (997); Burt County, Nebraska.21
Marriage* circa __ ___ 1887 Harriet (--?--) (11959) ( , d. before 15 Apr 1910); There were no children from this union.37
Witness: before 15 Apr 1910 Death; Harriet (--?--) (11959)
Marriage* circa __ ___ 1917 Ida B. Hathaway (3541) (b. 26 Oct 1869, d. 28 May 1943), daughter of Thomas Hathaway (12529) and Eva (--?--) (14194); Oregon; This was the second marriage for both persons. There were no children from this union.5,48,49
Death* 26 Apr 1931 Olympia, Thurston County, Washington.37,47,50 
Hetzler, George Levi (I49897)
808 Charles Mercer records. LDS has T Despencer. Le Despencer, Thurston (I50708)
809 Charles Orville Wyman and family moved to Kansas City in the early 1900's and was employed as a street car condutor. After he retired, they moved to Stringtown at the northeast edge within Paola City. He did carpetnry work and loved to raise exotic breed of chickens, entering in the county fair and carrying off many prizes. Wyman, Charles Orville (I19213)
810 Charles was a U.S. Mail contractor.
Nettie had previously been married to a man named Harter. They had a son, Hibbard (born July 1896), who was living with Charles and Nettie in Wyoming in 1900. 
Scribner, Charles Marshall (I37497)
811 Charles was at first employed at the GE plant in Schenectad
y. Later a farmer at Brandon. No issue. 
Garber, Charles E. (I42540)
812 Charles was cousin of Tiberius Charles, the youngest son, came from Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA, Mass. to Hull, Quebec, Canada in 1819 (see his two letters to his Uncle Philemon). He joined the firm P. Wright & Sons but left them in 1827 on termination of the legal agreement between them. Apparently an antagonism arose between them which later had an effect on the development of Hull and Aylmer. Upon leaving the Wrights he moved to Turnpike End (Symmes Landing, andlater Aylmer, named after Lord Aylmer, Govenor-in-Chief of Lower Canada). He received a land grant of 200 acres. In 1832 Charles built the Aylmer Hotel. Gourlay wrote in 1896; 'Mr. Charles Symmes owned the land on which the village of Aylmer is built.'He gave some of his land for the site of Christ Church in 1843. He became Aylmers second mayor, (1855-1862) following John Egan. Symmes, Charles (I33506)
813 Charles was first registered at the Ashby Poor Farm in 1863, at about the age of 23 years. According to those records, he was deemed "idiotic", was temperate and was able to perform labor. He spent the rest of his years at the Poor Farm until his death in 1901. Lord, Charles Henry (I25510)
814 Charles Wyman, third son, is at St. Albans, in the jewelry business, having one of the largest and best assortment of goods in that line in the State of Vermont. He is or has been deacon in the Congregational church at St. Albans, and is esteemed as one of the best citizens of that town. He went to St. Albans in 1847. Wyman, Charles (I19674)
815 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I42592)
816 Chauffeur. Lived Brooklyn. McNally, Joseph E. (I42633)
817 Chicago Tribune, 27-Aug-1991 issue:
Wayland W. Dayton 
Dayton, Wayland W. (I51232)
818 Childhood sweethearts Family (F9159)
819 cholera infantum Kilday, Ellen A. (I54594)
820 cholera infantum Sullivan, Margaret Ellen (I54618)
821 cholera infantum Sullivan, Mary E. (I54619)
822 Chosen deacon of Woburn Church, 1764, to which he and his wife were admitted to membership, Aug 20 1756. Selectman of Woburn, 1766, 1768, 1769, 1770-75, 1780, etc. treasurer 1775, 1776; representative to Provincial Congress 1774-1777, etc. etc. Wyman, Samuel Deacon (I3473)
823 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I52355)
824 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I22247)
825 Chronic Myo Carditis, Acute attack, arterio sclerosis Sullivan, Nathan Howard (I54668)
826 Church Of St. Andrew, Wyman, Isaac Chauncey (I5159)
827 civil & church documents record mother's maiden name as Delia A. Joyce
Sarah was married previously to Edward F. O'Donnell, M/February 15 or 18, 1922 in Portsmouth NH.

Aunt Sadie and Dad dancing

Leenane Church, IRE

Joyce, Martin T birthplace

Joyce birth record

Joyce, Martin and Sarah birthplace 2

Joyce, Sarah obit D1986
SOUR @S-1599393932@
PAGE National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1917-1943; Microfilm Serial: T938; Microfilm Roll: 16
_APID 1,8745::160740
Joyce, Sarah Cecelia (I55404)
828 Civil War Wyman, John Elliot (I8057)
829 Civil War action resulted in his death Parcher, Ellet Perkins (I19385)
830 Clara took care of Addie all her life. When Clara was dying, Addie begged her not to leave her. Clara said to get out of the room and let me die in peace.
Addie died in Meadville, PA, four years later. 
Hickman, Mary Adeline (I46727)
831 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24012)
832 Clerk, Portland Lunch C., 7 Exchange St (S3) Kilday, Louis Edward (I54604)
833 Cleveland, Ohio Died: 16 May 2000 Born: 1 July 1917 Parents: Alva and Minnie Wyman, Vesta Survived by: Wife: Gladys.

Children: Garth, Janet, Richard, Ellen, Mary, Francis, Alice, Fred.

Numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My father was an extraordinary man. Born to a rural mail carrier and a former seamstress, he was an outstanding student, advancing two grades and finishing secondary school in the same class as his two years older brother. He attended the University of Minnesota, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering, graduated summa cum laude and was awarded membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honors society. While at university in Minneapolis, he joined the brethren fellowship, where he met his future wife, Gladys Symington of Neche, North Dakota.

After graduation, he was employed by Westinghouse Electric. During World War II he was classified 4F (needed in industry) so was not drafted. Westinghouse assigned him first to Pittsburgh and then to Cleveland, where he spent the rest of his career. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brothers Harold and Kenneth, all buried in the cemetery at Echo, Minnesota. None of them were ever in fellowship, although his mother attended the gospel preaching regularly in her later years and was buried by the brethren. It seemed there was nothing he couldn't do. He could ride a bicycle while facing backwards. He learned sign language so he could interpret for the deaf. He could take an automobile engine apart, repair it, and make it run again. He had a marvelous sense of humor and wrote memorable doggerel. He was a tall man, standing six feet two and one half inches and powerfully built, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.He taught me to obey my conscience. He wouldn't tell me I could or couldn't do something. He wanted me to be "exercised" about it. I have tried to follow that advice. For many years my father carried a bible that had been a gift from his brother Harold. The inscription cited II Timothy 2: 15. Strive diligently to present thyself approved to God, a workman that has not to be ashamed, cutting in a straight line the word of truth Rest in peace, Father. Submitted by: Dick Wyman (son), 
Wyman, Burton Alvin (I17700)
834 Clevelands regiment (1814) NY Militia, War of 1812.

Grantee in Land Purchase 
Wyman, Truman (I13437)
835 Clifford Romeyne Johns was born in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California on October 10, 1894. His father was a Methodist Church preacher assigned to the Methodist Church in Healdsburg at the time of his birth. His father was reassigned every couple of years. So Clifford grew up in many different towns. Romeyne is pronounced with long o and long i--Romine. When Clifford grew up, he had a red beard and mustache when he grew them. Usually, he was clean shaved without a beard or a mustache.

Clifford was in the Navy in WW1.

His occupation was a school teacher. He taught math and PE and coached many sports. He was at Herbert Hoover Jr. High School for many years. In Ruth's autobiography, she says that he taught for 34 (37?) years. Hard to read writing.

When his wife Ruth was ill with TB, he worked at several jobs in order to pay for care. Clifford, Ruth and Harriet lived with Ruth's mother in Santa Clara at 1638 Lexington Street. Part of this time, maybe as much as 4 years, Ruth had to be at a Sanitarium in Colfax, California for her TB. She was not expected to live and her care and treatment was very expensive.

1930 Federal Census: California Santa Clara Co., Santa Clara City, ED#106, page 8A, Dwelling 209, 1638 Lexington Street.

Clifford and Ruth lived in many homes in Santa Clara and San Jose, California. At first they lived with Ruth's mother Emma Taylor on Lexington Ave. in Santa Clara near the Mission. When their daughter Harriet was 15, they moved into a new home that they bought at 1579 Hamilton Ave. A man offered Clifford more than twice what he paid for it. He sold it to the man and the family moved to an apartment on Lincoln Ave. This is where they lived when Harriet came home to have her baby. Clifford and Ruth Johns later lived at 2109 Bel Air Ave. San Jose, CA. when their grandchildren Karen and Linda were growing up. They moved to Santa Rosa and then to Petaluma. Clifford was in a convalescent hospital in Petaluma when he died.

On trips that bought presents for their granddaughters Karen and Linda. One gift was grass skirts from Hawaii. They were sent to this Bel Air Ave. address. Karen was about 12 and Linda about 6 years old at the time.

Clifford was a Freemason belonging to the Scottish Rite. He had a rank of 32. He wore a ring with this on it. To learn more about this organization Goggle Scottish Rite Freemasonry or go to Web Site:

Clifford and Ruth were active members in the First United Methodist Church in San Jose. When they moved to Santa Rosa and then to Petaluma, they were active in the First United Methodist Church of Petaluma. This is where their daughter Harriet and family worshiped. Their son-in-law Harrill Dean Johnson was the choir director of the church.

Clifford and Ruth were married June 30, 1920 until Clifford died March 18, 1975. They were married for 54 years. 
Johns, Clifford Romeyne (I50418)
836 Clipping available at 
Family (F12829)
837 Co of Kent, England 1840 fc, Patten T, Centre, PA [M704-451(end) p186] 49/1850 fc, Patton T, Centre,
PA [M432-763] 59/1860 fc, Patton T, Centre, PA [M653-1090] - - - - -- - -
- - - - - Katherine's father reportedly was a son of Edward who was a son of Lord Edward, a descendant of Sir humphrey Gilbert. [Note: This note was posted on the Gilbert Forum of Genweb by Richard Hunsinger] 
Gilbert, Catherine (I22273)
838 Col. Clyde Metcalf retired from the U.S. Marines, after 3
3 years service. He served in the Army in two Wars and in Schools. Lochie was a school teacher. Both came from Methodist families. 
Metcalf, Clyde Hill (I42334)
839 Cole family legend has always had it that Ann Jane Mayne was a full-blooded Algonquin Indian, and her husband, Simon Joseph, was a lumberjack who got killed riding the logs just a few months after my great-grandfather, Levi Parker Cole, was born. Ann Jane was left with five young children to raise (including your direct antecedent Mary E. Cole, mother of Edwin Edison Wyman). Supposedly a gentleman named Mr. Parker, who had been a good friend of Simon Cole's and whose last name was given to my great-grandfather as a middle name, stepped in and helped Ann Jane financially, enabling her to keep the family together. From that day to this, there have always been "Parkers" in our family. I had an Uncle Parker and a Cousin Parker, and in the current batch of Cole kids there's at least one with the middle name of Parker. Thus has an act of kindness been memorialized from generation to generation. Maynes, Ann Jayne (I46977)
840 Colonel Wyman, John Baker (I10900)
841 Coming to Foxborough from North Belgrade, Maine as a young man, Moses Richardson was employed at the Union Straw Works for 41 years.

He served in the Civil War with Company F, the Warren Light Guards as a second lieutenant. Following President Lincoln's call for men, Company F volunteered for three months service and was sworn in on the steps of the Cocasset House. The first Union soldiers on southern soil, the group secured Fortress Munroe, raising the stars and stripes above the fort before moving on to fortify Newport News, Hampton and Little Bethel. The men then joined with the 3rd Regiment from Braintree in the battle at Big Bethel, having marched the 20 miles from Fortress Munroe. Lt. Richardson ended his military service after that first enlistment.

He served as Surveyor of Highways in Foxborough in 1862 and as Field Driver in 1884. He married Angeline Bird, daughter of Squire Warren Bird and great granddaughter of Deacon Samuel Baker, who died in 1881.

They had three children. Francis Osborne died in early childhood. Lizzie Richardson married Sumner Wood. John Richardson, who occupied the home following the death of his parents, served as Town Clerk 1923 - 1937; Overseer of the Poor 1907-08; Board of Registrars 1925-26; Road Commissioner 19807-08; School Committee 1900 - 1905; Board of Selectmen 1906-08; Town Treasurer 1929 - 1937; Board of Assessors, 1913, 1923-18.

(CORA BIRD RICHARDSON IS NOT SHOWN by him. Have to wonder if Authelet might have been in error..."Lizzie" doesn't ever show up on census records...coincidental that both Lizzie and Cora married a Sumner W.? There IS a Lizzie (Monohan) shown on 1880 census but she is a servant.) 
Richardson, Moses Adams (I47494)
842 Comments: Hello Wyman Org.

Some years ago, I was searching for information for information on my ancestor Joseph Richardson, who is shown in your data bas, but who probably does not belong on the Wyman tree (Your ID I16114), when I came across an article by Frank Shaw and John H. Wyman, which I quote in part below, and which states that the Joseph Richardson identified in your database under ref I7350 was the one who participated in the attack on the Naragansett Fort under Capt Samuel Appleton.

At the time, I questioned Mr Wyman by email whether it was not my ancestor I16114 who participated in that campaign, but he seemed sure of his identification, and since I did not then have time to pursue the matter, I accepted his assertion.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read Kyle F. Zelner's book, "A Rabble in Arms, Massachusetts Towns and Militia Men During King Philip's War" (which I heartily recommend), which includes considerable evidence that it was my Joseph Richardson (your I16114) who fought in that battle.

First, Capt Appleton's Company was an Essex County Company, whereas Joseph I7350 was from Middlesex County, and it is clear from Coffin's and Currier's Histories of Newbury as well as Zelner's book that Joseph I16114 was impressed for Appleton's company in August 1675, and there is no reason to doubt that he remained with that company until the end of the year.

Second, according to Bodge, Soldiers in King Philip's War, Chapter 21. There was a Joseph Richardson in Lt William Hasey's Three County Troop, a cavalry unit. A number of other Woburn Richardsons are also listed in that unit. It is more likely that Joseph I7350 served in the more prestigious cavalry unit because he was a freeman, whereas Joseph I16114, a 21 year old shoemaker, was not. Joseph I7350 could not have served in Appleton's infantry at the same time, as this would have been contrary to Mass Bay Colony militia regulations.
Since your website is no longer completely accessible to the public, I would appreciate it if you would add at least a cautionary note to Mr Wyman's article quoted below, and to other references to Joseph I7350 indicating that he probably did not participate in the Naragansett attack.

While there is no particular merit to having participated in that campaign - many would claim the contrary - they thought they were doing the right thing, and it is a good idea to set the record straight since many rely on your excellent data base to trace their own ancestry. 
Richardson, Joseph (I16114)
843 Committed suicide upon learning he was to be a father out of wedlock. Mother of child never married, child named Sean. Kingsbury, James Tilden (I48174)
844 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F16295)
845 Commonwealth of Massachusetts I John Jacobs aged fifty nine years, a citizen of the United States from Wells in the District of Maine, was a resident in Mount Vernon in said District upon oath declare that I served as a private in the years service upon the Continental establishment under Col. Patterson part of the time in Canada. In January 1777, I again enlisted as a private in the service of the U. States against the common enemy in the war of the revolution upon the Continental establishment for the period of three years, but was returned for during the war, in the company commanded by Capt Jeremiah Hill, and regiment commanded by Col Vori of the first regiment Massachusetts line. I served in said regiment until February 7, 1778 when I provided at my expense Daniel Jacobs as a substitute who was accepted by my Colonel, and I had permission at Valley Forge Feb y16, 1778 to return home. Having provided a substitute I took no formal written discharge. I was at the taking of Burgoyne and wintered at Valley Forge until Feb 16, 1778. From my reduced circumstances I am in need of assistance of my country for support. And I do hereby relinquish all my claims to any pension heretofore allowed me by the laws of the U. States, if any, but I am not to my knowledge shown on any pension list whatever. I request that I may be placed upon the pension list for the district of Maine. In my years service aforesaid Sam C Sawyer was my Capt. Patterson my Col. of the Massachusetts troops. From the years service I was discharged honorably at Albany Dec 2, 1776; but my discharge is not now to my knowledge in existence. John Jacobs

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Kennebec Js
On the ninth day of April A D 1818, John Jacobs above named after having been carefully examined made oath to the truth of the for going declaration by him submitted before me. Nathan Wirten I am Chief Justice C. Court Commons Dist Sume Eastern Territory April 9 1818 Page 3 Note: (by T.Jacobs) Daniel Jacobs here mentioned was probably John'syounger brother bapt. 16 Sept. 1759. This following affidavit was copied from Nellie Jacobs Bothne document of 1931. I John Jacobs of Mount Vernon, in the County of Kennebec and State of Maine aged 77 and upwards, do upon oath declare, in order to obtain the benefit of a 'Resolve of the Legislature of Maine', passed March 17th,1835, entitled 'A Resolve in favor of Certain Officers and Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the Widows of Deceased Officers and Soldier:,'that a few months after the Battle of Bunker Hill, and before the troops left Cambridge, (l cannot remember the precise date) I enlisted in the Continental Army to serve 12 months. About three or four weeks after the expiration of that term of service, I again enlisted in the First Regiment, then commanded by Col. Patterson, and afterward by Col. Vose,to serve three years. I served about two years, and was then returned for during the war, and continued in the service until between five and six years from the time of my said second enlistment, when I hired a man totake my place with the consent of the Colonel. I do on oath further declare that at the time of my said enlistment I was an inhabitant of Wells, in the then District of Maine, and that I was on the 17th of March 1835, and still am, an inhabitant of this State, residing In Mount Vernon, where I have resided between thirty and forty years past, and that I have never received a grant of land, or money in lieu thereof, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for my said service, or any other service during the Revolutionary War, and that I am Therefore justly entitled to the full benefit of said Resolve.
''John Jacobs 'Kennebec SS. Subscribed and sworn to this seventh day of September 1835.
S. W. Robinson 'Justice of the peace.'
Note: The person John hired was his younger brother Daniel Jacobs. 
Jacobs, John (I28164)
846 Company-B 26th Infantry Massachusetts Bixby, Aaron Blake (I29637)
847 compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, Boston, Mass. 1909 Heritage Quest SW16-111 microfilm pg. 56 Source (S673)
848 Compiled for the Briggs Family Association Source (S665)
849 Conant Birth Records 1780-1892 town of Peru 
Conant, William Henry (I55234)
850 Conant Birth Records 1780-1892 town of Peru 
Conant, Joseph E. (I55245)
851 Conant Birth Records 1780-1892 town of Peru 
Conant, Olive M. (I55246)
852 Conant Birth Records 1780-1892 town of Peru 
Conant, Harriet A. (I55247)
853 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Dorcus Small (I55265)
854 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Hannah (I55266)
855 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Francis (I55267)
856 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Thomas (I55268)
857 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Bartholemew (I55269)
858 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Joseph (I55270)
859 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, Joseph (I55270)
860 Conant Births and Deaths town of Peru 1812-1834 
Conant, John (I55271)
861 Conant Births from Town of Peru 
Conant, Arthur Chester (I54828)
862 Conant Births from Town of Peru 
Conant, Albert O. (I55172)
863 Conant Births from Town of Peru 
Conant, Albert O. (I55172)
864 Conant Births from Town of Peru 
Conant, Florence B. (I55254)
865 conant gravestone 
Conant, Joseph (I55241)
866 Conant, Daniel and Contant Bartholemew Marriages 1840 and 1844 
Family (F19541)
867 Conant, Gertrude Sawyer obit 21 Jan 1959 
Conant, Gertrude May (I55258)
868 Concord R Hospital Merrell, Torquil Frederick (I79)
869 Concord R Hospital O'Brien, Mavis Marion (I187)
870 Confirmation: Cathedral Paris of the Immaculate Conception, Record Book 1860-1950, Portland, Maine, page 13
Confirmed on Thursday, June 1, 1865; age 13

Emmigration: John reported on the 1900 Federal Census that he immigrated in1856, his obituary reports that he left Ireland at age 4, his sister, Sabina Cady, reported that she was born in Canada.

Naturalization : Index To New England Naturalization Petitions, 1790 - 1906, (M1299, Roll 108), National Archives, Washington, D.C.
John Sullivan Jr. Portland, Maine Cert.# (or Vol. & pg.) 2-193 US District Court
Birth: County Galway, Ireland, April 28, 1851 Arrival in US: May 5, 1862, Portland, Maine
Naturalization Date: August 27, 1872
Witnesses: John Sullivan, Portland, ME; Edward O'Mealley, Portland, ME; James Munsey, Portland, ME;
(notes: questionable birth date, perhaps because he had to be twenty one to apply for citizenship; application date:, August 27, 1972, the same day that John J. papers filed, wittnesses signed with "x mark")

Naturalization Records for the City Of Portland (Maine Historical Society, coll 4, vol 27)
Date of Approval Name Date of Papers Court Residence
Sept 5, 1872 John Sullivan Jr Aug 27, 1872 USDC 30 York Street

Arrival in US source: Naturalization paper; Emigration source: 1900 census

City Of Portland Voter Registration Ward 4 (Maine Historical Society, collection for vol 60
Date Name Residence Occupation Birth Date Voted Before
(1) Nov 11, 1891 John Sullivan, Jr 115 Center St landlord Feb 7, 1852 Yes
(2) Nov 16, 1891 Mark J. Sullivan 29 York St Nov 2, 1868 No
(3) Mar 1, 1892 John P. Sullivan 82 Free St Sept 16, 1870 No
(4) Mar 1, 1899 John J. Sullivan 115 Center St student, Comml College Dec 23, 1876 No
(5) Aug 29, 1902 Henry C. Sullivan 171 High St student Mar 1, 1878
How long a resident Married Does wife reside Naturalization:
of Portland in city Where Date Court
(1) 30 yrs yes yes Portland Aug 27, 1872 USDC
(2) 20 yrs yes
(3) 21 yrs yes
(4) always no
***** (Note Mark J. married?

1880 Federal Census: Roll #479
residing at 3 York St, families of John W (J) Sullivan, John (J) Sullivan, John E. Kilday, Dennis, single, boarder and F. H. Welch, (nephew of Kilday), at school
John W is sometimes listed as John Jr in early references

1900 FederalCensus:
showed John W. Head of household, immigration date 1856, Naturalized, Proprietor of a restaurant, owned home free of mortgage (171 High St.). Margaret, wife, mother of 10 children, John J. Book keeper at restaurant, Henry C, Sabina, Nathan H, Edward F, Francis at school, Grace (no note), Annie Brown servant in residence.

ME Archives,Vital Statstics Records Of Deaths 1892 -1922, Roll #54

1919 Cape Elizabeth Tax Valuation Book:
Lot # 110 Pillsbury Bluff, 1 Bldg, Land Value $400, Value Bldg $1800, Musical Instrument $100, Total Value of Personal Property Real Estate $2300. Poll Tax $3, Tax on Real Estate $44, Tax on Personal Property $2, Total Tax $49.
1920:Total Values $2300. Tax on Real Estate $46.20, Tax on Personal Property $2.10, Total Tax $48.30.
Both Francis and Edward paid $3 poll tax, Nathan listed as "out". (had moved
1921-1930 Cape Elizabeth Town Reports:
Town Officers of Cape Elizabeth, 1920 - John listed as Town Constable
Vital Statistics, 1920 lists John's death
1925 lists Margaret 's death

Sullivan & Kilday: cigars, tobacco, tonics, etc (2)
In 1899, 112 Center Street is listed for Patrick O'Malley, in 1900 for Sullivan Bros. The odd side of the street, 111-115 Center Street is listed for J.W. Sullivan & Co.Kilday is not listed on Center Street. In 1902, 111 Center St is listed to Wm McAleney & Co, harness mfgrs & James Cunningham, mason. 112 Center is vacant, Patrick A. Sullivan has a dining room & lives at 115 Center. In 1903, 115 Center is vacant and no Sullivans are listed on Center Street.

Portland City Dir, 1850-1851, pg 89
Portland Sugar Company, 32-43 York Street near Maple Street; 1st bldg constructed in 1845, second in 1848; 60 employees; on York Street just above junction with Danforth Street, adjoining the harbor
(1873-1875 Portland Sugar Co relinquished its charter)
June 28, 1873 John Sullivan purchased the land and buildings from John B. Brown for $2500. (Registry of Deeds, vol 403, pg 225)

Served as Constable in Cape Elizabeth
John W. had diabetes, lost both legs, died at home at Mountain View Park. Worked in the grocery business for years, owned and managed a restaurant. Constable in C.E. in 1880-81. Lived on High Street, moved to Marguerite Road in Cape Elizabeth(72 ( 29) Stonybrook Rd.). Belonged to Ptld. Lodge of Elks. Sabina, daughter, died less than two weeks before he of pneumonia.

Sister Margaret Sullivan reported that her father, Francis Sullivan, claimed the following story:
The English stole the family cow in IRE. John W. and Patrick as young boys, stole the cow back. The family feared the boys would be sent to the Penal Colony in Australia so they put them on a fishing boat out in Galway Bay. Eventually, the boys came to America and the others in the family joined them later. Margaret said that they emigrated thru New Brunswick, Canada.

John W. built the road on Margaret St. in Cape Elizabeth and built the first house on the road. Because there was also a Margaret St. in South Ptld. the road had to be renamed - Stonybrook Rd. The area was known as Pillsbury's Bluff. (see History of C.E. pgs.350 &351). Various records show that the number Stonybrook road changed over the years from 72 to 29 to 17.

He lived on High St. before Cape Elizabeth and sold when hotel was built. (Eastland Hotel was built in 1927.)

Margaret Sullivan said that John W. was a short, red haired man.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- ---------------------------------------------------------------


JOHN KILDAY (SON OF DENNIS & MARIA) MARRIED MARY JANE WELCH WHO WAS BORN IN BELFAST, ME : married on January 6,1868 in Ptld at the Cathedral




______________________________________________________________________ ____ __________________________________


MARIA O'MALLEY WIFE OF DENNIS KILDAY (mother of Margaret, John w,'s wife)

EDWARD O'MEALLEY, witness of John W. & John J. Naturalization

Sullivan & Kilday: cigars, tobacco, tonics, etc (2)
In 1899, 112 Center Street is listed for Patrick O'Malley, in 1900 for Sullivan Bros. The odd side of the street, 111-115 Center Street is listed for J.W. Sullivan & Co.Kilday is not listed on Center Street.

______________________________________________________________________ ____ ____________________________________




______________________________________________________________________ ____ ____________________________________



______________________________________________________________________ ____ ___________________________________

43rd Govenor of Maine HENRY B. CLEAVES, Portland 1893-1897 52 Republican born:2/6/1840, died: 6/22/1912

HENRY B. CLEAVES, the forty-third governor of Maine, was born in Bridgton, Maine on February 6, 1840. His education was attained at a local academy and in the common schools of his native state. During the Civil War, he enlisted as a private in Company B, 23rd Maine Volunteers, and attained the rank of lieutenant by time he was mustered out of service. After his military duty, Cleaves studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1868, and then established a successful legal practice in Portland, Maine. He entered politics in 1876, serving as a member of the Maine House of Representatives, a position he held until 1877. He also served as the city solicitor for Portland from 1877 to 1879, and was the attorney general of Maine from 1880 to 1885. In 1892, Cleaves won the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and then went on to win the general election by a popular vote. He was reelected to a second term in 1894. During his tenure, problems resulting from the 1893 national economic depression were dealt with, and William McKinley was endorsed in the 1896 presidential election. After completing his term, Cleaves left office on January 2, 1897, and retired from political life. Governor Henry B. Cleaves passed away on June 22, 1912.

Sullivan, John W and Margaret

John W. Sullivan Headstone

Black Point Inn

Sullivan, John W obit 15 Mar 1920

Homer Winslow print

Sullivan, John W. Naturalization paper 2

Sullivan and kilday Eating House ads

Sullivan, John W and Margaret E Kilday Marriage record

Sullivan, John W. Naturalization paper 1

John W Sullivan Obituary
Married at Maine, United States
Sullivan, John William (I54670)
871 Confirmed as Violet May Vachon, at 11 years old.

Baptised as Violet May Dennet, parents listed as Joseph and Violetta Dennet, witnesses Edwina Wilson, Lucy Wilson, ?.

Obituary (copied from Nancy, paper Unk) reads: Mrs. Violet Desrochers, 68 of 21 Washington Ave. Saco died yesterday in a Biddeford hospital. Born in Biddeford, Dec 6, 1899 daughter of Joseph and Violetta Hill Vachon and was educated in Biddeford schools. Communicant of Most Holy Trinity Church, Saco. Surviving are her widower, Albert Desrochers Sr, Saco, one daughter, Mrs. Eva D. Tibbetts, Andover, Ma, 3 sons Albert Jr. and Joseph of Saco, Paul of Portland, one sister, Mrs. Edwina Wilson of Hartford CT, one brother, Joseph Vachon of Saco, 8 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Cote Funeral Home, Saco.

Birth record lists her as 2nd child.

Violet Vachon & Albert Desroachers

Violet May Vachon (Dennett)

Violet Vachon Desrochers, Violetta Hill Vachon, Mary K Hill, Eva & Albert Desrochers

Violet Vachon Desrochers Obit 3-5-1968

Violette May Dennett Baptism 
Vachon, Violet Mae (I55362)
872 Consumption Kilday, Annie (I54575)
873 Consumption, Age: 38 Kilday, Dennis (I54570)
874 Contracted small pox in the Army.

head stone inscription 'Thomas Wyman, who departed this life with small pox Nov 21, 1776, in the 43rd year of age.

Information from Mass. Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, application for membership of Charles Emerson Wyman, descentant of Thomas Wyman, accepted March 16, 1917, and approved and registered by Registrar General March 21, 1717, signed by A. Howard Clark National Number 29461, State Number 3686 
Wyman, Thomas (I5054)
875 Cornet. Came to New England when about 14. Page, Nathaniel (I22306)
876 CORNVILLE -- John H. Wyman III, 90, of Cornville, died Tuesday morning, Dec. 21, 2004, at his home.
He was born July 5, 1914, in Medway, Mass., a son of the late Dr. John H. and Daisy E. (Holway) Wyman II.
Mr. Wyman was a 1936 graduate of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. On Dec. 11, 1942, he married the former Dee Durgin in Baltimore, Md. He began his working career with Bendix Co., now Honeywell Co. in New Jersey and Kahl Engineering Co. in New Jersey. During World War II he owned an electrical company that produced top secret tubes that were used in airplanes during the war. For more than 20 years he was employed with the Maine Department of Transportation. Mr. Wyman spoke in Washington, D.C., and various states regarding his development of weight and motion devices used to test bridges under different weather and traffic conditions. This information was used to prevent a disaster of twisting suspension bridges. His development of this test material and the data he collected have been used and valued across the United States. At the age of 75 he became self-employed as a soil engineer.
Mr. Wyman was a member of the Federated Church in New Jersey, Masonic Lodge AF&AM, and enjoyed his years as a leader with the Boy Scouts of America, taking many scouts to the Scouts' jamborees in Forestburg, Colorado Springs and Philmont Scout Reservation. Wyman a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Red Bank, N.J.
Mr. Wyman is survived by three sons, John H. Wyman IV and his wife, Hanh, of Dublin, Ohio, Dr. Richard L. Wyman and his wife, Marilyn, of Renselaerville, N.Y., and Ted J. Wyman of Mont Vernon, N.H.; a daughter, Bunny D. Hamlin and her husband, John, of Cornville; 10 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren.
In addition to his parents, Mr. Wyman was preceded in death by his wife of more than 59 years, who died Feb. 28, 2004, and his brother, Walter Wyman of Florida.
Mr. Wyman will be remembered by all who knew him as a highly intelligent man who enjoyed his family and his great-grandchildren and was always there for them.
Services will be held at the convenience of his family in May. Arrangements are under the direction of Western Mountains Cremation and Funeral Service, Farmington.
Should friends so desire donations may be made in Mr. Wyman's memory to the Healthreach Hospice, 212 Main St., Waterville, ME 04903. 
Wyman, John Holway (I2686)
877 Coronary Occulsion Joyce, Mary Ellen (I55562)
878 Corpl.. Mustered into H Company Maine 1st. Cavalry.

Mustered out

Wyman, John Horace (I2506)
879 Corpl.. Mustered into F Company Maine Coast Gurad Infantry Wyman, Hiram R. (I11857)
880 Corporal H Company Maine 22nd Infantry

Private, H Co. Maine 9th. Infantry. 
Wyman, Danville Letvetter (I9825)
881 County Records Family (F837)
882 Cousin of Hannah who married Job Lane. Reyner, Martha (I22370)
883 Cousins2 SOUR S633 Family (F13247)
884 Craig Empire Courier, July 2, 1941
Harvey Wyman And Veda Dunstan Married Sunday
At two-thirty Sunday afternoon, June 27, Veda Louise Dunstan became the bride of Harvey Wyman at a beautiful home ceremony performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Wyman in Craig, with the Rev. A. C. Best reading the marriage lines. The marriage was performed in the drawing room of the Wyman home, which was tastefully decorated with flowers for the occasion.
The bride was dressed in a long, white marquisette gown and carried a bouquet of pale pink roses with silver streamers. She was attended by Marjorie Hungate as bridesmaid, who was attired in pale pink and carried red roses. The groom, who wore a white formal suit, was attended by his brother, Jack Wyman, as best man, Mrs. C. A. VanDorn played the wedding march as the bride entered the room on the arm of her father, Thomas Dunstan, who gave her in marriage.
A reception was held after the ceremony, the wedding cake was cut and refreshments served. The newly married couple then left on a honeymoon trip to Grand Lake and other points.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunstan of Pagoda. She has attended schools in the Pagoda district and in Craig, graduating from the Craig high school with the class of 1941. The groom, the son of L. S. Wyman of Craig, has lived in this vicinity for many years and is now engaged in ranching for his father at the Wyman ranch on Williams Fork, where the couple will make their home.
Present for the ceremony Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wyman of Meeker, Mrs. O'Conner of Meeker, aunt of the groom, Miss Louise Wyman of Kansas City, sister of the groom, Marjorie Hungate, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wyman and Miss Moore of Meeker. 
Wyman, Harvey Arthur (I14672)
885 Cremated Wyman, Winfred S. (I24100)
886 Cremated Cass, Maude Eva (I43480)
887 Cremated Putman, Sandra (I51063)
888 Cremated in Vernon, ashes spread on Silver Star Mountain Dalman, Avery Elizabeth (I24709)
889 Cremated, Morley, John Barry (I21949)
890 Cremated, ashes buried in Round Pond Harbor, Round Pond, Maine. Lincoln County News, Aug. 3, 1995: Doris M. Osmer, 74, died Sun., July 30, at Cove's Edge, Damariscotta. Born Sept. 5, 1920, in Newtonville, Mass., she was a daughter of Charles H. and Alice (Brockway) Mergendahl. She attended public schools in Newtonville, graduating from high school in the class of 1938. Earning her batchelor's degree in psychology and literature from Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, in 1942, she earned her master's degree in library science from the University of Maine, while caring for her family, in 1970. Mrs. Osmer worked at Skidompha Public Library, Damariscotta, for many years and served as the school librarian at Wiscasset High School until her retirement in 1985. She was active with the Miles Memorial Hospital League, Damariscotta, as well as serving on the Board of Directors at the Skidompha Public Library for several years. She leaves two daughters, Patricia M. Osmer of Carmel, N.Y., and Alice L. Olson of Mt. Vernon; her brother, Roger Mergendahl of Wausau, Wisc., and three grandsons. She was predeceased by her son, Charles 'Bud' Osmer in 1986, and by her husband, Alfred 'Pat' Osmer in 1987. A celebration of her life will be held at 10 a.m. Fri., Aug 4, at the Bristol Mills Congregational Church. Mrs. Osmer's family invites all who wish to participate in her service. Arrangements are under the direction of Strong Funeral Home, Damariscotta. In lieu of flowers, donations, in her memory, may be made to the Charles H. 'Bud' Osmer Scholarship Fund, c/o Lincoln Academy, Newcastle 04543. Mergendahl, Doris Brockway (I22243)
891 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10447)
892 Cyrus Fairbanks Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, - Vol. I-XVII (17). Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896. Fairbank, Cyrus, Lancaster. 1st Lieutenant,
Capt. Joseph White's co.,Col. Asa Whitcomb's Regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775,to Cambridge; service, 4? days. American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI): Godfrey Memorial Library.
American Genealogical-Biographical Index. Orem,UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999:
FAIRBANK Cyrus 175? Massachusetts, lt. soldiers and sailors of the Rev.War. Comp. By secy. Of the commonwealth, Ms. Boston. 1896-1908.(17v.):5:453 Genealogy of the Fairbanks family in America from 1633- 1897, Lorenzo Sayles Fairbanks, page 111, ' Dea. Cyrus Fairbank, of Lancaster, Mass,(Jonas, Jabez, Jonas, Jonathan), Born in Lancaster, May 2, 1737; died there Feb. 28, 1801. His name appears as Adjutant on 'A Roll of Field and Staff officers, in His Majesties Service, of a Regiment whereof Abijah Williard, Esq. isColonel.' Service in Conquest of Canada, Apr. 17 to Dec. 30, 1759. He served as a soldier in Shay's Rebellion - Lancaster History, page 253. See Colonial and Revolutionary War Rolls. He was a member of the Committee of Correspondence and Safety, elected in 1776. In the division of his estate, May 18, 1802, his children were mentioned as follows: Jonas, Abel, Lucy, Abigail, Betsey, Sally, Josiah and Stephen. Nov. 17, 1801, guardians were appointed for Abigail, Betsey and Abel, over 14 years old, and Sarah, Josiah and Stephen under 14 . 
Fairbanks, Cyrus Lieutenant (I11460)
893 Daily Evening Item, Lynn, Mass, Wednesday Nov 4, 1981

Wellesley A. Pearce

Milton Mills, N. H. - Wellesley A. Pearce, 77 , Route 109, formerly of Lynn, died Tuesday in Huggings Hospital, Wolfeboro, after a lengthy illness.

He was born in Roxbury and lived most of his life in Lynn. He moved to Milton Mills in 1969, the year he retired from General Electric Co., where he was a jet engine machinist.

He was employed at GE for many years. He was a communicant of St. Mary's Church, Lynn.

Mr Pearce, husband of the late Josephine (Stevens) Pearce who died in 1959, leaves a son, John Pearce of Milton Mills; seven grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

A mass will be held Thursday at 9 am at St Mary's Church, Lynn. Burial will be in St Joseph's Cemetery.
Pearce, Wellesley Arthur (I51211)


Frank Edward Wyman Sr., 68, of 8295 Laurel St., Fontana, died Saturday at his home. A native of Nebraska, he had lived in Fontana 13 years.

He was a kitchen helper at County Hospital, and was a member of the First Christian Church of Fontana.

Survivors include his widow, Lavina E.; two sons, Robert W. of Fontana and Frank E. of Loma Linda; a daughter, Ruth of Fontana; a sister, Mrs. Lulu Dubin of el Cajon; two brothers, Marvin and Lester, both of North Platte, Neb., and two grandchildren.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Mark B. Shaw Chapel. Interment will be in Montecito Memorial Park. 
Wyman, Frank Edward (I5110)
895 Dale worked as a Fireman for 13 years. He left this profession in an attempt to make more money
to better support his family. He took a job with Cheney Cement Company. After working here
several years he came down with cement poisoning.
After moving to Reed City where he lived with his mother until she died, Dale worked for Osceola
County in park maintenance at Rose Lake, worked for Reed City in charge of the city park and at
some time also worked in a car wash prior to his death in 1993 
Wyman, Dale LaVerne (I47204)
896 Danial D & Hanna (Morrison) Jacobs had Daniel Drury b 14 Feb 1846 in Boston, d 5 Mar 1917 Chelsea Mass. m 22 Dec 1873 Boston to Sarah Washington Coan; Ellen M. b Ca 1847 per 1850 census; George A b ca 1849 per 1850 census. Daniel Married Mercy A Pierce 22 April 1852 in Boston MA. The daughter of his Wife Hannah and James Pierce. The Boston marriage record of Daniel states that he was born in FayetteMe., Son of Woodman Jacobs and that this was his first marriage. He was listed in Boston city Directories thru 1869. (Notes from Cliff Sargent' document of Aug 1991.)Don and Diane, You both may have added another Chapter to the Jacobs family story. Thanks loads from all of us. BACKGROUND on Daniel Jacobs Some of the family history for Daniel D Jacobs (g grandfather to Don Jacobs and gg grandfather to Charlie King):
1. Daniel was born in Fayette Maine to Woodman B Jacobs and Mehitable Dudley on 22 Sept 1821
2. Daniel moved to Boston and had a 'common law' marriage with Hannah Cauley (Morrison) Pierce. They had Daniel Drury (grandfather to Don), George A (g grandfather to Charlie) and Ella.
3. Daniel left his family in 1850and married Hannah's oldest Daughter, Mercy.
4. Daniel and Mercy moved to New York City and in the 1860 NYC census the family consisted of: Daniel Jacobs, 38, no occupation listed, Maine Mercy, 28, Mass Lillian, 6, NY Emma, 4, NY William, 2, NY
5. In 1859 Daniel Jacobs of New York got a land grant in Hudson Wisconsin or forth acres at $1.25 per acre.
6. In the 1870 New York City census the family consisted of: Daniel Jacobs, 47, Carpenter, Maine Mercy, 36, Mass Lillian, 16, NY Frances 14, NY William, 12, NY Aurther, 3, Wisconsin Albert, 6/12, Wisconsin also, Johanna Murphy, 13. domestic servant, Wisconsin I have no record of what happened to Daniel and Mercy and the family after that BUT: NEW INFORMATION Diane notes that there is a Mercy Jacobs buried in Puyallup Cemetery in 1908. Don Jacobs noted that this Mercy could be Mercy Pierce Jacobs and I think he is correct. If the numbers in the census arecorrect, Mercy would be about 75 in 1908. This raises an interesting question: It is then possible that Daniel and Mercy and the family move to Puyallup and is Puyallup WA where Daniel died. Great work Don and Diane. Thanks, Charlie King 8th g grandson of George Jacobs of Salem Don, I think Daniel must have gone to Wisconsin and then come back to NYC. I always theorized that he probably wanted to be with the family in WI but didn't like the farming life so he went back to NYC. I am thinking that it could be that in 1859 he took a trip out to WI by himself and bought the land with the rest of the Jacobs clan (maybe because he wanted to reserve a lot close to the rest of the Jacobs family) and then returned to NYC. Later, in the early 1860's, he and the family went out to WI and lived there for a few years. To me it looks like he didn't like it in WI so he returned to NYC around 1867. I don't remember finding him in NYC in the 1880 census so he might have gone back out to WI or WA. He probably had 'wanderlust' like his father Woodman. I think you have a good idea. I am thinking the chances are better that 50/50 that the Mercy that died in 1908 in Puyallup WA is Daniel's wife. And finding her there could make a connection to Daniel. It is amazing how how much information we have collected on this Jacobs family over the last 10years, particularly you and Clif Sargent. Charlie King 8th g grandson of George Jacobs of Salem On Sat, 16 Dec 2000 13:21:27 -0500 Donald Jacobs
Jacobs, Daniel D. (I28114)
897 Daniel B. Wyman was doubtless the first permanent settler in this locality, having located in lot 17 and half of lot 18, est Range in 1804. He was born in Brookfield, Mass in 1765, and was married in Wells, Vermont to Sarah Beardsley in 1788, and removed to Hawkenbury, Canada in 1804. THe land he purchased as well as some adjacent to it, was owned by Miss Blake in Quebec. Squatters who had occupied it had rendered themselves so obnoxious to the other settlers, from their thievish propensities, that a party from Chatham on the opposite shore of the Ottawa, crossed over one night, quickly demolished their cabins, and compelled them to seek "fresh fields and pastures now".

Mr. Wyman was a millwright, and soon after coming here, he built a grist mill and saw-mill on land contiguous to his own, which is now owned by Henry Hughes. These mills were in operation mNy years, and the saw-mill was rebuilt, but the water -power was destroyed by the erection of the Carrilon Dam. Mr. Wyman built mills in other sections of the country, and once met with a serious loss by the breaking up of a raft timber which he was taking down the St. Lawrence to use in the construction of a large mill. He lived in Hawkenbury till his death, 4th October 1848, and his descendents are among the most respected people of the township. He had one son and five daughters. Hiram B., the son, who was born in Wells, Vermont, 16 Dec 1797, remained on the homestead, and became a man of influence in this section, and was a Justice of the Peace for many years. He was married in 1831 to Jane Melancey Ellis, and died in 1883. They had four sons and four daughters.

Daniel B., the eldest of the sons, was married 15th September 1858, to Emma daughter of William Kirby. The next year they settled on a farm of 100 acres adjacent to the homestead, to which Mr. Wyman has since added, till he now has 270 acres - a fine well stocked farm. In 1885 he built an attractive brick residence, and all his buildings and surroundings show that his years of toil have not been expended in vain. He has been Justice of the Peace about 14 years, but has declined all other public offices.

Chauncey, his eldest son, who was married in 1890 to Ethel J. Inglis, lives on the homestead; the two youngest sons of Mr. Wyman, Hiram and Daniel, are taking a course at McGill; two of his daughters are married.

William, the youngest of the family of the late Hiram B. Wyman, remained on the homestead, which, with additions he has made, is now a large farm, and which like his brother Daniel's farm, has been rendered attractive and productive through many years of industrious labor. Mr. Wyman was married 15th September 1880, to Clarissa, daughter of Hugh Lough.

The two brothers erected a cheese factory contiguous to their farms, about ten years since, which recieves the patronage of many farmers of this section.

Adjacent to the brothers, in a very pretty cottage most pleasantly situated, lives their brother-in-law, Robert Lee, who was married to Hattie, third daughter of Hiram B. Wyman, 21st November 1877. Mr. Lee was born near Ottawa, and is now agent for sewing machines, musical instruments, and a variety of agricultural implements. 
Wyman, Daniel (I3717)
898 DAR #63530: Uriah Howard (1763-1845) enlisted 1782 in Capt. Charles Wilson's company, Col. Benjamin Waite's regiment, Vermont troops. Howard, Uriah (I23628)
899 DAR A095565 Richardson, Jonathan (I25885)
900 DAR A099334

Salisbury, Nathan (I50728)
901 DAR A129103 Wyman, Joseph (I8499)
902 DAR A129107 Wyman, Nehemiah Colonel (I3001)
903 DAR A129122 Wyman, William (I3370)
904 Database: Telegram (Worcester, Massachusetts) Obituaries, 1990-99
Combined Matches: 1

Headline: LaForest E. Whitman, 57
Publication Date: January 02, 1996
Source: Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA
Page: A5
Region: Massachusetts
Obituary: NORTH BROOKFIELD - LaForest E. Whitman, 57, of 8 Cider Mill Road, died Sunday at home from cancer.
He leaves his wife of 35 years, Sandra M. (Bissell) Whitman; three sons, Jeffrey L. Livingston in Montana, and Steven G. and Troy B. Whitman, both of North Brookfield; two brothers, Ralph L. Whitman of North Brookfield and R. Kent Whitman of Greenfield, N.H.; a granddaughter; nieces and nephews. He was born in New Salem, son of Loton E. and Blanche V. (Brouza) Whitman, and lived most of his life in North Brookfield. He graduated from North Brookfield High School, and attended the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
Mr. Whitman was a real estate broker for ERA Hometown Properties. He previously worked for A.W. Graymont Excavation Co. in Upton for 15 years, and prior to that owned Forest Foundations for about five years. He was a member of Meridian Sun Lodge of Masons in North Brookfield.
A memorial service will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday in First Congregational Church, Common Street, Brookfield. After cremation, burial will be at the convenience of the family. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to First Congregational Church, Common Street, Brookfield 01506; or to the Hospice Program, Visiting Nurse Association of Central Massachusetts, 120 Thomas St., Worcester 01608. Pillsbury Funeral Home, 44 Gilbert St., North Brookfield, is directing arrangements. 
Whitman, Laforest Elmore (I36348)
905 Dates and information from Samuel Towne Web Site:

From the book, Royalston Memorial 1865 by Hon. A. H. Bullock on page 121: "Dea. Isaac Esty, settled the first place west of the common, near the foot of Jacob's hill, so called. He was one of the eight persons who "embodied" with the 1st Baptist Church of Royalston, 1768, and became its first deacon; was a man of considerable property and a highly respected citizen. His aged Mother came to town with him; rode in a chaise, which it required several men to steady and help over the obstructions of the way. She was the first adult female that died in Roaylston. Dea. Jacob Esty succeeded his father upon the farm and in the deaconship. He m. Sarah, daughter of Simeon Chamberlain; d. 1829 ae. 86, his wife, the same year, ae. 80. He was succeeded by Capt. Joseph Jacobs, from Athol, who m. Sarah Bragg, and who, planted the avenue of maples that adorn the hill, and shade the road above this ancient house. After his death the place was held by the family; but has now lately been sold by John W. Green, who m. Olive, D., of Capt. Jacobs. Neither the Esty, nor the Captain's name is now upheld in town, by their descendants; but the Jacobs' Hill remains a fixture among us; and the long lines of maples flourish and mark the landscape from afar."

From "The History of the Town of Royalston" by Caswell 1917 Page 329:
Jacob Estey, son of Isaac and Sarah (Gould) Estey was born Aug. 10, 1744; he came to Roaylston with his father, and inherited the homestead and also succeeded his father as deacon of the Baptist Church. He was a man of importance in town affairs, serving on the board of selectmen for several years, also assessor and school committee, and was on many important committees. He married Sarah Chamberlain. They both died in 1829, aged respectively eighty-five and eighty years. The children of Jacob and Sarah (Chamberlain) Estey were: Isaac, Sarah, Israel, John, Joseph and Polley."

This article continues telling about his son Isaac Estey and this Isaac's son Jacob Estey.

THe name of Chamberlain does not appear in birth records until 1795 and no children of Simeon Chamberlain are in the Royalston Vital Records under birth.

From the book on "Reflections of Royalston" by Hubert Carlton Bartlett published in 1927 on page 119 related to the Baptist Church: "On May 5, 1768 there were 8 (people) ready to associate themselves, and what has since been known as the "West Royalston Baptist Church" was "embodied," with the following members: Isaac Estey, Thomas Chamberlain, Jr. Elisha Rich, Asa Jones, Jacob Estey, John Chamberlain, Sarah Estey, Charity Chamberlain. A month later Thomas Chamberlain, Simeon Chamberlain, Lois Chamberlain and Mary Marsh, and soon after that, Naphtali Streeter and Moore, joined the pioneers, making a membership of 14, which has gradually increased, so that at the end of a century 600 different names had appeared on the membership rolls."

Note: There are 3 Estey?s listed amongst the 8 original members. Their names are father Isaac Estey and son Jacob Estey. The Sarah Estey listed is most likely Isaac?s wife Sarah (Gould) Estey. Their daughter Sarah married Timothy Richardson, Jr. Dec. 31, 1767. The Baptist church was founded May 5, 1768. Timothy Richardson?s parents Timothy Richardson and Alice Richardson were founding members of the ?Church of Christ of Royalston? that later became known as the First Congregational Church of Royalston. It is logical that Timothy and Sarah (Estey) Richardson (Isaac?s daughter) were attending the ?Church of Christ of Royalston? rather than the ?West Royalston Baptist Church.? There is no Hepisbeth listed in the membership. 
Chamberlain, Sarah (I50514)
906 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I75)
907 Daughter of General Henry A. Thompson. Thompson, Julia Theresa (I43837)
908 Daughter of Gov. Simon and Anne Bradstreet, and granddaughter of Governor Thomas Bradley Bradstreet, Mercy (I19406)
909 Daughter of James Howard McHenry, of Sudbrook, Baltimore Co. McHenry, Ellen Carr (I43848)
910 Daughter of President of Oberlin College Mahan, Lucy Dix (I3813)
911 Daughter of Robert J. Brent of Baltimore, Md. Brent, Mary H. (I43841)
912 Daughter of William Wyman of Lowell, Mass. He was one of the original settlers of Lowell; the Wyman Exchange bears his name. Wyman, Elizabeth (I17726)
913 Daughter, Cora Etta, born Feb 16, 1899 in Livermore; she was the second child born to Henry and Nellie (Livermore, Maine; Book No 1, Delayed Returns and Dispositions; Records of Birth) Conant, Elizabeth V. (I55794)
914 David Dudley Jacobs owned land in Dead River Plantation Me. from October 2 1854 to May 5 1855. He was in Diamond Bluff Wi. through the 1875 Wisconsin State Census but had removed before the 1880 Federal Census. (Note from Cliff Sargent Document of Aug 1991.)
Census from Charlie King In Diamond Bluff (Pierce) WI 1870 census:
David D Jacobs 37 farmer Maine
Lucy A 29 wife Vermont
Willard 6 male Wis
Franklin 4 male Wis
In the Sherman (Riley) 1900 census:
David D Jacobs Jul 1831 farmer Maine
Angeline Dec 1839 wife Vermont
Mary Jan 1871 dau Wisconsin
Emma Sep 1873 dau Wisconsin
Charles July 1878 son Wisconsin
June July1882
dau Wisconsin 
Jacobs, David Dudley (I28189)
916 David Wyman
August 28, 2004
David Wyman, 85, of Munising, MI, former resident of Flossmoor and Winnetka, IL, passed away on Friday, August 27, 2004 at the Mather Nursing Center in Ishpeming, MI.
David was born July 15, 1919 in Milwaukee, the son of the late David and Emma, nee Ricker Wyman. David served his country in the United States Army during World War II. Survivors include three sons, William B. (Katherine) Wyman of Juno Beach, FL, Christopher C. (Beverly) Wyman of Steger, IL and David (Joanne) Wyman of Ishpeming; a daughter, Lisa L. (Roland) Anderson of Flossmoor, IL; a sister, Majorie Dollard of Northbrook, IL; a brother, Richard (Beverly) Wyman of Steubenville, OH; four grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife MaryLu Wyman in 1980. Private family services will be held at a later date, with
inurnment to take place at the Maple Grove Cemetery in Munising, MI. The Bjork & Zhulkie Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.

Wyman, David (I8609)
917 DE Smet Cemetery Blk 47 Lot 4 Grave 3-10 Richardson, Fern Harriet (I37772)
918 DE Smet Cemetery, Blk 33 Lot N1/2 13 Grave 1-12 Richardson, John Harold (I37738)
919 DEACON MAXIMILIAN JEWETT (Edward'), was born in Bradford, West Riding of Y orkshire England; baptized there Oct 4th,1607. He with his wife Ann, and h is brother Joseph sailed from Hull, England in 1638 in the ship John, wi th a colony under the leadership of Rev Ezekiel Rogers. They arrived at Bo ston about the first of December, 1638, spent the winter in Salem, a nd in the spring of 1639 founded the town of- Rowley, Mass. Jewett, Maximilian (I53530)
920 Deacon Thomas Wyman came into town in February 1801 with his wife and five children, being the sixth family in town. He settled on the Deacon Wyman farm, building his log house west of the orchard and north of the brickyard, on the first road that ran through town. His house was build previous to moving his family. For a place to shelter his oxen, which had drawn him and his family from Princeton, Mass, he shoveled four feet of snow from a spot large enough for them and a cow to stand on, set in posts with crotches, on which he laid poles covered with hemlock boughs, this being a substitute for a barn. He had to draw hay from Landgrove to feed his cattle. Deacon Wyman cut the first tree on his farm for clearing, and soon had a productive farm, keeping a large stock. He built a good set of buildings on the road west of the present buildings on the farm. He manufactured brick for twenty years or more, commencing in 1808. Wyman, Thomas Oliver (I9052)
921 deaf and dumb per guardianship 1770 Wyman, Elizabeth (I5661)
922 Death age = 64y 1m 12 d Hill, Mary Polly (I48277)
923 Death Age: 71 Hilliard, James (I55900)
924 Death Age: 75 Wisner, Martha (I55901)
925 death and ss# fact from Family Tree Maker CD Conant, Percy (I55279)
926 death and ss# facts from Family Tree Maker CD

Conant Births from Town of Peru
Married on 10 October 1931
Conant, Bernie M. (I54408)
927 Death Cert; 1907; Dept of Vital Statistics; Skowhegan, Maine;
Certified Copy in poss of Brian S. Anderson, Idaho Falls, ID. Note:
Occupation-Fireman, Cause of Death-Cancer of Stomach; Age-41 Years, 7 Months,
8 Days at time of death. Father Born in Fairfield (Somerset, Maine), mother born in Penn. 
Wyman, Henry Gulifer (I15591)
928 Death Certificate Information Place of Death- S. Paris, ME Street- Pine Street Name- Samuel Stillman Wyman Previous Residence- Leeds, ME Deceased was husband to Susie Crumbie DOB- 1847, July 13 Age- 79 years, 11 months, 16 days Occupation- Retired Farmer Place of Birth- Rumford, ME Father- Henry Harrison Wyman Birthplace of Father- Livermore, ME Occupation- Farmer Maiden Name of Mother- (first name blank) White Birthplace of Mother- Dixfield Name of Informant- Louisa M. Clark Address- South Paris Date of Death- June 21, 1927 Attended by- W. B. Raymond, MD From- June 16, 1927 to June 20, 1927 Cause of Death- Cerebral Hemorrhage Contributing Cause- Arterio Sclerosis Reported by- W. B. Raymond, MD PO
Address- S. Paris, ME Place of Burial- S. Paris, ME Date of Burial- June 23, 1927 Name of Cemetery- Riverside Annex PO Address- W. Paris Date Rec'd By Town Clerk- June 25, 1927 Certified R.W. Wheeler, Paris Town Clerk 
Wyman, Samuel Stillman (I8212)
929 Death Certificate Information Place of Death- S. Paris, ME Street- Pine Street Name- Susan J. Wyman How Long a Resident- 10 years Previous Residence- Leeds, ME Female, white, widowed Decease was widow of Samuel S. Wyman Date of Birth- May 17, 1857 Age- 70 years, 6 months, 16 days Occupation- Housework Place of Birth- St. Albans, VT Father- Robert Crumbie Birthplace- Scotland Occupation- Unknown Maiden Name of Mother- Unknown Birthplace of Mother- Scotland Name of Informant- (check mark entered) Address (check mark entered) Date of Death- December 3, 1927 Attended by- W. B. Raymond, MD From (check mark entered) to (check mark entered) Cause of Death- Contributing Cause- Duration- few months Where was disease contracted, if not at place of death (check mark entered) If death was in a hospital or other institution, give name (check mark entered) Did an operation precede death (check mark entered) date of (checkmark entered) Was there an autopsy ( check mark entered) Reported by W. B. Raymond, MD Date of Burial- December 6, 1927 Undertaker- I.W. Andrews & Son Date rec'd by Town Clerk Dec 8, 1927 Crumbie, Susan Josephine (I8222)
930 Death date and place from Pedigree Chart of Thomas Henry Wyman (courtesy of Bonnie Ellis Pryo r) Ryckman, Margaret Jane (I20365)
931 death notice in the Ptld. Press Herald on Friday, November 27, 1942 states: died at her residence. The funeral Saturday morning, a high mass of requiem sung at 9 am, St. Patrick's Church.
d:11/26/43, buried 11/30/43 (in error), age 44 (s2)
"First President of the Women's Council of St. Patrick's Church. Prominent in the activities of the Catholic Church in Portland, being a member of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women." obit Ptld paper, Friday, Nov. 27, 1942

1975 - 78, when Judy attended Farmington, Dad used to stop in Livermore/Livermore Falls/ Jay area to visit people (relatives ? ). Judy requested Myrtle's records, she was told that they could not find them.

Cathedral Parish of the Immaculate Conception, Marriage Records 1908-1924, book D, pg 363 ( notes that Nathan H. was baptized at St. Dominics on July 15, 1888)

Maine State Archives :marriage rec says Nathan K.

1911-1920 Cape Elizabeth Town Report, list of marriages:
10/13/1919 by Rev. James J. Mullen of Portland, Nathan Howard Sullivan and Myrtle May Sawyer, both of Cape Elizabeth

Sullivan, Nathan and Myrtle Sawyer Marriage cert 13 Oct 1919

Myrtle Sawyer

Myrtle Sawyer 1916 HS Program

Sawyer, Myrtle May death notice 27 Nov 1942

Article on Myrtle May Sawyer, Classmate

Sawyer, Myrtle May obit

Myrtle Sawyer 1916 HS Program

Myrtle Sullivan 
Sawyer, Myrtle May (I55260)
932 Death Record for Mary Kilpatrick Hill Nov 25, 1934 Mary Hill mn Kilpatrick w of Thomas, 75 yrs, 3m, 10 days Arterio sclerotic nephritis, Acute dilation of the heart. Place of burial: Woodlawn Cemetary, Biddeford. Residence Place of Death: 5 Lowell Kilpatrick, Mary R. (I55285)
933 death record Kilday, single ? Kilday, Virginia (I55762)
934 DEATH: Died of illness while a soldier in the Civil War. Sergeant in Co. D, 45 Regiment, Mass. Vol. Harris, Nathaniel Preston (I18545)
935 DEATH: He drowned. Hilliard, James M. (I42462)
936 Deb and Sharon visited with Mildred on Sept. 9, 2003. She was very helpful and holds the family bible that was originally given to Thomas Hill by Mary Kilpatrick on Christmas of 1884
She remembers that Mary Kilpatrick may have come over as a young girl to visit the Gillespie family in Saco - also from Scotland. She remembers that the Gillespie family had a girl older than Mildred and a boy named Alexander. She remembers that they lived on Middle St. off of Beech St. in Saco.
Her brother, Lynwood lives in Skowhegan - only Lynwood and Mildred are still living.
She could barely remember Ruth Elizabeth but that she was very nice looking.
Edwina died 2 or 3 years ago. Violetta was a little person - she was always sewing for the 3 girls. Uncle Joe worked in a factory making gingham cloth. Uncle Joe would come home for lunch and Violetta would be sewing away. Thomas Hill died when Mildred was 6. Lucy was a school teacher. Lucy Ann Wilson, the sponsor for Carrie may have been an Aunt. Jeannette has Thomas' actual naturalization paper that was in Carrie's desk. Jeanette is about 72.
John Noble (listed on the ship's record for Thomas Hill) ...Carrie spoke of the Nobles and she corresponded with them in England - Sarah Noble.
Kennedy family in Saco - his wife was some relation of ours but not sure how...Irene something, but, there name was Kirkwood. Irene Kennedy's mother was a Kirkwood and was related to us.
Mildred sure that Kirkwood's were related - her father's cousins (Irene Kirkwood Kennedy).
We went through the documents in the bible - a couple of envelopes showed the following addresses:
Joe Hill 28 Fairfield St. Saco, Me and Carrie H. Hill 7 High St Saco, Me.

There were Remembrance Cards in the Bible for:
Leonard, son of Edward and Undine Greene of Canal St. Stalybridge
Died Oct 7, 1895 aged 1 yr, 9 mos Interred at St. Pauls Episcopal Church, Stayley

EDITH, daughter of John and Elizabeth Noble of Canal St. Stalybridge
Died Oct 24, 1895 aged 4 years Interred at St Pauls Oct. 28.

Bible listed many births, marriages, baptisms, confirmations, deaths but the Wedding page for Thomas and Mary remained uncompleted.

There were two Memorial Cards which were black with gold lettering:
Sarah Ann Nobel Died June 20, 1895 Aged 41 years 5 mos 12 days
Mary Hill Died July 21, 1894 Aged 78 years
Inscription read:
Oh Mother, thy gentle voice in hushed, Thy warm, true heart is still, and on thy pale and peaceful face, Is resting death's cold chill, Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast, We have kissed thy lovely brow, And in our aching hearts we know, We have no mother now.

Mildred remembered that Carrie's hair turned pure white at age 25.

Mildred Hill Cole & Carrie Hill 
Hill, Mildred Irene (I55221)
937 Deborah and Kelley marriage 1862 
Kelley, Orrin (I55484)
938 Deborah and Kelley marriage 1862 
Gellerson, Deborah (I55597)
939 Deborah and Kelley marriage 1862 
Family (F19624)
940 Dec. 2001 Pg. 66 About Towne Newletter: According to the Norfolk Record Office, William and Joanna (Blessing) Towne had the following children baptized on the following dates in St. Nicholas Church: "Edmund 22nd June, 1628 (baptized on the same month and day as his mother).

Did not find death in vital records for Topsfield, Essex County, MA.
Under births of children of Edmond and Mary Browning, there are 2 entries under Edmond without a child's name: ________, d. Edmond, Sept. 2, 1661. CT.R. and _________, s. Edmond, Mar. 7, 1662 (-3). Ct. R.
Joseph has the same birthdate of Sept. 2, 1661 as this entry for d. with no name. Under TOPSFIELD DEATHS unde the name of TOWNE: ________, d. Edmond, Sept. 7, 1661. So this child was a twin to Joseph, but died at 5 days old. Also under TOPSFIELD DEATHS under the name of TOWNE: _______, s. Edmond, B. and D. Mar. 7, 1662/63. So this son died the same day he was born. This birth only 6 months after Joseph was born. So most likely too young to survive.
Counld not find Vital records for daughter Mary Towne or son Thomas Towne.

About Towne Dec. 2001 pg. 66, Edmund Towne is the brother of Joseph Towne. Three sisters: Rebecca Nurse, Mary Esty and Sarah Cloyce were accused of being witches in Salem in 1692. Mary Towne Esty and Rebecca Towne Nurse were hung as witches. Sarah Towne Cloyce was accused but not hung. She was released. Edmund's son William Towne married Margaret Willard. Her first husband John Willard was also hung as a witch. This was all during the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. They were later exonerated.

Edmund was baptized 22nd of June 1628. He was baptized on the same month and day as his mother Joanna (Blessing) Towne.

According to "About Towne" Newsletter of December 2001 page 66, Edmund, age 7, supposedly came to America, at age 9, in June 1637 with the Henry Skerry family; however, there is some question if he is the same Edmund Towne who was listed as age 19 on the ship's manifest. Others believe he came when he was 7 with William, Joanna and the other children in 1635. His name was just skipped in the records. This is what Charles Farrow, the English genealogist believes.

From the book, "The Descendants of William Towne," on pgae 21: Edmund Towne bapt. June 28, 1628. m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Browning, who was bapt. January 7, 1638. He was one of a committee from the town of Topsfield who in 1675 (during King Philip's War) presentd a petition to the General Court for leave to form military companies to protect the people from the Indians while at their work. He d. before May 3, 1678. The will of his widow was proved December 16, 1717. The sons Thomas and William were appointed administrators." Their children are listed.

From Mark Town web site: www.myfamilyhistory,com/Towne/index.htm This comes mainly from "The Descendants of William Town." page 21 and 22. Includes some additional information.

Edmund Towne (William ) was born on 22 Jun 1628. He died before 3 May 1678.

Edmund married Mary Browning. Mary was born on 7 Jan 1637/1638.

Edmund and Mary had the following children:

15 F i Mary Towne died in 1717.
Mary married John Pritchard.
+ 16 M ii Thomas Towne was born in 1655 and died in 1720.
17 F iii Sarah Towne was born on 26 Apr 1657.
Sarah married John Howe.
+ 18 M iv William Towne was born on 13 Mar 1658/1659 and died on 30 Jan 1749/1750.
+ 19 M v Joseph Towne was born on 2 Sep 1661.
20 F vi Abigail Towne was born on 6 Aug 1664.
Abigail married (1) Jacob Peabody on 12 Jan 1685/1686.
Abigail also married (2) Thomas Perley on 14 Jan 1695/1696.
21 M vii Benjamin Towne was born on 26 May 1666.
22 F viii Rebecca Towne was born on 2 Feb 1667/1668.
Rebecca married (1) Philip Knight.
Rebecca also married (2) Nicholas Bailey.
23 F ix Elizabeth Towne was born on 2 Nov 1669.
Elizabeth married Thomas Wilkins on 19 Dec 1694. Thomas was born in Salem, MA.
+ 24 M x Samuel Towne was born on 11 Feb 1672/1673 and died on 22 May 1714.

More on children Thomas, William, Joseph and Samuel. 
Towne, Edmund (I50449)
941 Dec. 2001 Pg. 66 About Towne Newsletter: According to the Norfolk Record Office, William and Joanna (Blessing) Towne had the following children baptized on the following dates in St. Nicholas Church: Jacob 11th March, 1631/32.

From "The Descendants of William Towne" page 24: Jacob Towne bapt. March 11, 1632, in Yarmouuth, England. m. Catharine Simonds, of Salem, June 26, 1657. They resiided in Salem about twelve years. He made his will at Topsfield, and d. the third day following, November 17, 1704, aged seventy-three. His son John was executor. Their children:..."

From web site by Mark Towne:

Jacob Towne (William ) was born on 11 Mar 1631/1632. He died on 27 Nov 1704 in Topsfield, MA.

Jacob married Catherine Symonds on 26 Jun 1757 in Topsfield, MA. Catherine was born on 18 Apr 1630 in Great Yarmouth, England.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M i John Towne was born on 2 Apr 1658 and died in 1740.
+ 26 M ii Jacob Towne was born on 13 Feb 1659/1660 and died on 4 Oct 1741.
+ 27 F iii Catherine Towne was born on 25 Feb 1661/1662.
28 F iv Deliverence Towne was born on 5 Aug 1664.
Deliverence married John Styles on 24 Nov 1684 in Boxford, MA.
29 F v Ruth Towne was born on 5 Aug 1664. She died on 1 Aug 1739.
Ruth married Robert Styles.
30 M vi Edmund Towne was born on 21 Jul 1666 in Topsfield, MA. He died on 25 Dec 1736.
This web site has more lineage on children John, Jacob and Catherine.

Jacob Towne was chosen as a grand juryman Dec. 30, 1692 to serve on trials related to releasing those held in prison on witchcraft. It may be he who helped his sister Sarah Cloyce be released from prison.

In the book, 'Currents of Malice--Mary Towne Esty and Her Family in Salem Witchcraft" by Persis W. McMIllen published by Peter E. Randall in 1990, there is a chapter called, "The Mystery of Sarah Cloyce" pages 464-471. "Sarah Cloyce, the youngest of the Towne sisters, escaped execution while her two sisters, Rebecca Nurse and Mary Esty, were both hanged." From page 468-169: Robert Payne was chosen as a juryman. There was to be held the Court of Assizes and General Jail Delivery at Salem on Tuesday, January 3rd., 1693. At a lawful town meeting on December 30th, 1692, Ensign Jacob Towne was chosen by Topsfield to serve as grand juryman at the forthcoming trials in Salem...It is also extremely likely that Sarah Cloyce as a prime offender, her two sisters having already been hanged was examined in the early trials when Robert Payne was serving as foreman of the grand jury and Jacob Towne chosen to serve as grand juryman under him. It is possible that Peter Cloyce may have petitioned for a recognizance for is wife on condition that she stand her trial, and have put down bail for her. There are many such recognizances scattered throughout the witchcraft documents, although Sarah Cloyce's name does not appear amongst them...with Robert Payne acting as Foreman of the grand jury and with her Brother Jacob Towne acting as a juryman in the grand jury under him it is likely that Robert Payne should have written 'ignoramus' against all three indictments against Sarah Colyce." It is not known when Sarah Cloyce was released. But many records of those released do not exist. 
Towne, Jacob (I50450)
942 Decatur Wyman enlisted 25 Jun 1861 with his brothers Samuel and William. Decatur was killed at the Battle of Malvern Hill 01 Jul 1862. His brother William was also wounded.

Nancy collected his pension

He can't be Franklin's father

The Sixty-second reached Malvern Hill June 30. It had no field officers. It was commanded by Captain James C. Hull, of Company A, and supported Battery D, of the Fifth United States Artillery. The Confederates gave special attention to the battery. It sustained a fearful cannonading, which was poured upon it in return for its rapid and effective work. When the enemy's artillery failed to silence the battery, his infantry charged it with frantic bravery, and in the fiery ordeal the Sixty-second suffered severely. Company C's list of killed at Malvern numbered three, viz.: Corporal Andrew Jenkins, Decatur S. Wyman, and William A. Winkett. William B. Wyman, James C. Meanor, William H. Hileman, Andrew Loux, George Rockafellow, Christian Chromer, John, Freeman, George Kribbs, Daniel D. Smith, and John Stover were wounded.
PA Civil War
Civil War History in Clarion County, PA

Wyman, Decatur S. (I13413)
943 Delos's father, Delos, settled in Michigan in 1849 and star
ted in the lumber business. In 1859, he moved to Hersey, MI. In 1881, he moved to Grand Rapids. He worked his way up, becoming a millionaire. He and later his family, built and endowed a home for children and the Blodgett Memorial Hospital. 
Blodgett, Delos Abiel II (I42480)
944 Department of Public Health, Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. Massachusetts Vital Records Index to Births [1916 Source (S1734)
945 Deposed 1653 aged about 41
Deposed 30 June 1676 aged about 65 
Walker, Richard (I7345)
946 Descendant of Gov William Bradford of Plymouth, Ma. Bradford, Nancy (I4720)
Samuel was the only son to remain in Woburn. He inherited the homestead and for the next 150 years his descendants were the only Wilsons known to have resided in Woburn.

His estate did not go through the probate court, on 19 Jun 1724 Samuel Wilson, by a deed endorsed by his wife Elizabeth to relinquish her dower rights, conveyed to his son Samuel Wilson, Jr. several pieces of land in Woburn including the homestead on which he then dwelt, it consisted of one mansion house and thirty acres of land. On 17 Dec 1729 John Butler of Dunstable, Ebenezer Pierce of Woburn, Hugh Jones of Woburn and Samuel Johnson of Lunenburg, all in Massachusetts, sons-in-law to Samuel Wilson, late of Woburn, deceased, for the consideration of 6pounds each, quit claimed to their brother-in-law Samuel Wilson, Jr. of Woburn all their right title and interest in the personal or movable estate of their late father-in-law. This conveyance, which provides our only clue to the descendants of Samuel Wilson, was endorsed by Mary, wife of Ebenezer Pierce and by Hannah, wife of Hugh Jones. One may question the legality of this document when the other two daughters had not signed to relinquish their inheritance. (Middlesex Deeds, 29:285 and 29:328) [wilson.GED]

Samuel was the only son to remain in Woburn. He inherited the homestead and for the next 150 years his descendants were the only Wilsons known to have resided in Woburn.

His estate did not go through the probate court, on 19 Jun 1724 Samuel Wilson, by a deed endorsed by his wife Elizabeth to relinquish her dower rights, conveyed to his son Samuel Wilson, Jr. several pieces of land in Woburn including the homestead on which he then dwelt, it consisted of one mansion house and thirty acres of land. On 17 Dec 1729 John Butler of Dunstable, Ebenezer Pierce of Woburn, Hugh Jones of Woburn and Samuel Johnson of Lunenburg, all in Massachusetts, sons-in-law to Samuel Wilson, late of Woburn, deceased, for the consideration of 6pounds each, quitclaimed to their brother-in-law Samuel Wilson, Jr. of Woburn all their right title and interest in the personal or movable estate of their late father-in-law. This conveyance, which provides our only clue to the descendants of Samuel Wilson, was endorsed by Mary, wife of Ebenezer Pierce and by Hannah, wife of Hugh Jones. One may question the legality of this document when the other two daughters had not signed to relinquish their inheritance. (Middlesex Deeds, 29:285 and 29:328) 
Wilson, John (I5042)
948 Descendants of Philemon Wright through his daughter Mary (married
toEphraim Chamberlain) his granddaughter Abigail (married to
WilliamAylwin) and his granddaughter Mary (married to Norman Reid)2 SOUR S633 
Family (F13030)
949 Descendants of Philemon Wright through his daughter Mary (married
toEphraim Chamberlain), his granddaughter Abigail (married to
WilliamAylwin), their daughter Mary married Norman Reid. Also Thomas
(Philemon'solder brother) married Mary Spraque. Their daughter Lucy
married ThomasReid, Norman's father J.L.Gourlay in his 'History of the
Ottawa Valley' (1896) wrote: Mr. Elderand his wife were among the
settlers of Hull. He is dead some years, butshe was alive...she is the
mother of Mrs. Reid, who has the Post Officeabove Eaton Chute (this is
Kirk's Ferry)...Mrs Elder must be nearly onehundred years old. Margaret,
in 1896, would have been 65 Question: Did the three brothers Reid marry
three sisters Stephens anddid all die without issue? Part answer: The
Stephens girls were three sisters from Caledonia Springs2 SOUR S633 
Family (F12950)
950 descended from Peter Hay circa 1650 Edinburgh, Scotland d 1693 in Charlestown,,Massachucetts Brown, Huldah (I3082)
951 Description: Re: Hannah Taintor Wyman (Mother of Thomas Wyman)
A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Taynter
By Dean Willis Tainter (On Google Booxs)
John Tainter, (48)
Son of Deacon John, of Watertown, was a mason, and occupied a house built by his father on the homestead lot, a few rods west of the old house, which with a number of acres of land he received by his father's will.
He and his brother Samuel were soldiers in the Indian and French war, at Lake George, in 1758 ; belonged to Capt. Jonathan Brown's company. He was also in service in the Revolutionary war, at Dorchester Heights, under Washington, and as guard to the powder magazine at Watertown.
He married Mary Shedd, of Charlestown, May 31, 1754, and raised a large family of children, all of whom lived to maturity and married.
'March 1779. Paid to John Tainter for repairs for the Ministerial place,  
Taintor, John (I11075)
952 Description: This William 4 (John 3-1) Cummings is a descendant of"Woburn John" Comins (ca. 1668 - 1751) and his wife, Mary ____, of Woburn and Oxford MA and Windham County CT. An excellent genealogy of this family was published just a few years ago by NEHGS. The author is Abbott Lowell Cummings whose research spanned more than thirty years and who is meticulous about citing his sources.

Bette Cummings Boyd 
Cummings, William (I5063)
953 Details according to the book, "Hanged By The Neck Until Dead" written by Sen. Emory Melton of Cassville, MO., 1985: John Jay White was shot and killed by Edward F. Clum, on July 8, 1886 in the Missouri township of Capps Creek, which is west of Monett, MO. Clum & White had been friends & served in the Civil War together. John J. White and the wife of Clum [Charlotte [aka Lottie] had left NY after John Jay White's wife, Augusta Wyman White hung herself on May 30, 1884, & 11 months later they were in Mo. Mrs. White died mysteriously 1/25/1886 & is buried in Pierce City, MO. Clum caught up to White & shot him. He was tried for the double murder of White and Ella Bowe, White's maid. Clum is the only person ever legally hung in Barry County, Mo. *Retired Senator Melton is a friend, still lives in my home town of Cassville, MO. Can Google Mr. Melton & the book if interested. White, John Jay (I3113)
954 Details came from letter by Jasher Wyman, Family Bible, Family History by Anna in 1889 Source (S1061)
955 Dewar and Bethune Insurance, Ottawa Bethune, John (I33929)
956 diabetes Sullivan, Sabina C. (I55929)
957 diagnosed with Huninton Chorea. This is a genetic disease. Wyman, Frances Isabel (I4226)
958 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F10014)
959 Did not find in Vital Records Topsfield, MA under marriages Edmund Towne or Towne. Family (F18083)
960 did Bridget have a sister Mary who married a Coyne? Toole, Bridget (I54525)
961 Did not copy Billerica marriages for Dutton name. Family (F18230)
962 Did not find birth for Sarah Baker under Vital Records for Ipswich, MA. Baker, Sarah (I50646)
963 Did not find John Curtis under births Vital Records Topsfield. There is a death for a Curtice,John, Feb. 23, 1732-3. Vital Records for Topsfield. This does not match the Bef. 16 Apr. 1718 that I got from another source. Curtis, John (I50639)
964 Did not find marriage record in Woburn Vital records under Timothy Wyman under marriages. Family (F731)
965 Did not find marriage under Topsfield, MA. Family (F18184)
966 Did not find marriage under vital records for Lynn, MA. Family (F18178)
967 Did not find marriage under vital records for Woburn, MA. Perhaps they married in Malden or Attleborough or did not record marriage. Family (F18228)
968 Did not find under deaths in Vital records for Billerica.
Ancestral File, LDS Family History Library, Thomas Dutton
Born: 1621/1622 Of, Reading, Middlesex, Mssachusetts
Married: 1647 Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: 22 Jan 1687 Billerica, Middlesex, Mssachusetts
Father: John Dutton
Mother: Mary Nuld.

Note that birth for Thomas is 1621-22, but place is unknown. 
Dutton, Thomas (I50735)
969 Did the three boys serve in the Revolutionary War with their
father?Joseph Sr. would have been 68 or over at the start of the war,
Joseph Jr.29, Aaron 27 and James 24.2 SOUR S633 
Family (F1413)
970 Diead at age 103 Amirault, Genevieve (I44462)
971 died age 22 Fox, Abigail (I11543)
972 Died as a result of wounds suffered in 'Swamp Fight' Wyman, Francis (I2251)
973 Died as a young child in Saskatchewan. Croswell, Louis (I32203)
974 Died as a young child in Saskatchewan. Croswell, Stanley (I32216)
975 Died as result of falling off a railway trolley at Attunga Bridge NewSouth Wales. 11-5-14 Never married.Newspaper cutting available. On grave in Tenterfield it states He left his home in perfect health, Never thinking death was near, Not dreaming that he never would, Return to his parents dear, A painful shock, a dreadful blow, Oh Charlie dearest, we miss you so, Our loss is great, we'll not complain, But trust in God, to meet again. In same grave as parents. Grave states In Loving Memory of our dear son Charles William Wyman who met with an accident at Attunga Bridge on May 11th 1914 and died the same evening in Tamworth Hospital Aged 35 Years, a native of Tenterfieldd. Inserted by his loving Father and Mother.

From Tenterfield Star 11 may 1916 were the following 'In Memoriam's' WYMAN. - In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle, who died from injuries received on the Attunga Railway near Tamworth May 11th 1914. Short was the call from above. Not a word to his loved ones could say But he closed his eyes like a babe in his sleep And silently passed away. Inserted by his loving sister, Mrs Harrison and niece, Florry Scott, Sydney.

WYMAN - In loving memory of our dear son and brother Charles, who died from injuries received on the Attinga Railway, near Tamworth on May 11th 1914. Dear is the grave where poor Charlie is laid Roses may wither, leaves fade and die Sweet are the moments that will never fade and die If others forget you, never will I. Inserted by his loving father and mother, and brothers and sisters.

WYMAN - In loving memory of our dear Brother and Uncle, Charles who died from injuries received on the Attunga Raiway near Tam- worth on May 11th 1914. He bade no one a last goodbye He waved his hand to none His spirit flew before we knew That from us he had gone. Inserted by his loving sister, Mrs H Merrell and family, Sydney. 
Wyman, William Charles (I197)
976 Died at 17 months. The cemetery records have George son of Luther and Sally Richardson died Mar. 22, 1831 Age 17 months. 17 months has George born in November of 1829. There is another son named Levi that is listed as being born Nov. 4, 1829. This leads to the conclusion that they were twins and both born on Nov. 4, 1829. But there may be another possibility. The date of 4 Nov 1829 for birth and 22 Mar 1831 gives his age at death as 1 year 4 months and 18 days or almost 17 months old. One way to refer to age is to say he was in his 17 month of life. If the date of 4 Nov 1829 is correct for Levi Richardson as given by a family group sheet, then George and Levi would have been twins both born on 4 Nov. 1829. There are no vital records in Vermont to confirm this date of birth or death. But there is a gravestone marker and a cemetery book record that confirm the death and age at death. Richardson, George (I49999)
977 Died at 3 years. Richardson, Nancy M. (I49977)
978 Died at 5 years. Richardson, Lydia Ann (I49975)
979 died at age 6: info by Carolyn Kilday Kilday, William (I55763)
980 died at her daughter Kansas farm home south of Republican City, NE Kerns, Nancy (I14790)
981 Died at Mobile Wyman, James Wentworth (I6217)
982 Died at the age of 3. I have copy of birth scanned and also photo of gravestone.

Record located at Concord Town Clerk's Office, Concord, Essex County, Vermont

"William T. Richards's family
"Nancy Monica Richardson Daughter of Wm T. Richardson and Mrs. Nancy his wife was born December 18th - 1829
Attest H. G. Fry Town Clerk" 
Richardson, Nancy Monica (I49969)
983 Died Childhood Wyman, Helen Mary (I5599)
984 Died from injuries received while in the discharge of his duties as engineer. Wyman, Charles Glen (I46913)
985 Died in 'The Great Fire of Chicago' Corielle, Edd (I41633)
986 Died in Automobile accident Wyman, Ritchey Diane (I5041)
987 died in automobile accident Reinke, Inez Ida (I46646)
988 Died in boating Accident Wyman, William Asa (I46915)
989 Died in Cavendish Vt. July 25th of Consumption, Miss Miriam R. Wyman, aged 42 years. Miss Wyman was an invalid, came to her sister's, Mrs Charles Bailey, in this city in October, 1866, hoping to regain her health, but after spending two winters, she returned to her widowed mother in June, where she lingered a few weeks and fell asleep to wake no more. The deceased was a patient sufferer, a kind and affectionate sister, always had a sympathising word for all in affliction and will be remembered by many who formed her acquaintance. We hope to meet thee, Where pain and sorrow will be no more. Wyman, Miriam (I42823)
990 Died in Childbirth Wanamaker, Margarite (I31596)
991 Died in infancy and next son given the same name. Wheeler, Joseph (I48232)
992 Died in infancy. '..died at Hull, Tuesday 25th June, 1844, only daughter of C.C. Wright - aged five years. She was unfortunately killed by a fence log falling on her, over which she was crossing.' Bytown Gazette, July 4/44 Wright, Abigail (I34017)
993 Died in military service. Family tradition was that he was lost at sea. Reported discharged from service 01/02/1778. Brooks, Jabez (I11321)
994 Died of breast cancer as did her mother. Kingsbury, Joan (I48175)
995 Died of Canker Wyman, Sarah T. (I57583)
996 Died of colon cancer per Mildred Hill. Klyseiko, Peter (I55827)
997 Died of fever while serving in the Light Infantry.

The most eager for a good education or had a greater opportunity to obtain one. He attended Monmouth Academy and later taught school, where
he was considered a strict disciplinarian. 
Wyman, Levi (I2434)
998 died of lead poisoning from heating a can of beans over a fire. Wyman, Charles Orin (I15525)
999 Died of lung cancer per Mildred Hill.

Hilton W. & Jennie Marion Hill Lamson 
Hill, Jennie Marion (I55853)
1000 Died of shock following an exploratory operation primarily. He was living in West Lebanon, ME at the time of his death. Harry Hill (son-West Lebanon) informant. death record found by D Gellerson & N Metelski Jan 2013
Hilll, Thomas death record 1917 A 
Hill, Thomas (I55746)

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