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Wyman Chronology


Misc. Francis and John were tanners and farmers. With one exception they were the largest land owners in Woburn. [Richardson Memorial ,by John A Vinton] cf. also Sewell 166f who says of Major William2 Johnson "...was the largest proprietor of land in the town, excepting the brothers, John and Francis Wyman, in his day."]material on English background available.

Woburn named for the home town of the Hon Richard Russell

1619 24 Feb.,Francis bp. St. Mary's church, West Mill, Hertfordshire, England, son of Francis [b.c.1592 buried 19 Sept. 1658, who m.2 May 1617 Elizabeth Richardson at Westmill Parish. She bp. 13 Jan. 1593, bur. 22 June 1630 both at Westmill. They had 5 children, Francis was the second] m(2) 1641, m(3) 1656.[R 50:45f]

1621 3 Feb. John Wyman bp. at West Mill, England

1636 Probably to New England with uncles Richardson.

1640 18 Dec., both signed town orders at forming of Woburn. Of the original 32 [W 2:2 & S p.529f]

7 Oct., Court grants Charles Towne 4 sq. miles to make a village; 500 acres thereof for Mr. Thomas Coytemore, " be set out by the court, if the towne and hee cannot agree..." [Col. Rec. 1:306, and Sewell p.8]

1640/1 16 Feb., many plan to settle Woburn, but some " being shallow in brayns, fell ofe afterwards." [Woburn Rec. 1:3; Sewell P.14] also "...the way was so playen backward, that divers never went forward againe."

10:3 , when a clergyman couldn't be found, " most harts grew faintee." [Sewell p.17]

1644 5 May ,"...original grant of Charlestown Village..." the court says "...shall not cross Cambridge line nor come within a mile of Shawshin Ryver." [H 8] "All land lying upon Saweshin Ryver , between that and Concord Ryver:not to prejudice Charlestown village... [Mass Coll. Rec. I:166] this confirmed 7 March 1643/4 [Paige p. 3f., Mass. Coll. Records 1:306,330;2:62]

5 Nov. John m. Sarah Nutt dtr. of Miles Nutt (Miles b.c.1598, d. Malden 2 July 1671). Sarah had 10 children and m(2) 25 Aug. 1684 Thomas Fuller

25 Nov. 30 ac in Forest field to Isaac Learned [cf. p.8, n.10] this is where the church in Burlington now is [p7]

1644/5 Francis m(1) Woburn, Judith Pierce who was b. Norwich ,Eng. dtr. of John -no issue.[S 653]

1645 8 Sep. In first Woburn town rate. [W 14]

8 Sep., at Woburn John taxed

29 Sept. to lay out to Francis and John Wyman [p9]

1646 Brothers give land for the pastor [W p.9, 15]

Both in town rate [records]

1647 26 May, both freemen

7 Dec. John Wyman gets remainder of Henry Tottinghams lot at Boggy Meadow

1648/9 14 March Francis granted 1-1/2 ac. "this side of Maple to their house" [W 20]

1649 April ,Googine, Dunster, and Collins each to get 500 acres [Cambridge Records Vol. 2:82]

1649/50 3 Feb receives a lot near his house.[W 20]

1650 2 Oct. Francis m(2) Abigail Reed [bp. 30 Dec. 1638, Dorchester, MA ,d. after 1679, 12 children, she dtr. Wm.(1587-1656) and Mabel (Kendall) Reed (1604-1690) and came from Eng. 1635 in "Defence" 21 Nov. 1660 with brother George and parents. She m(2) Henry Summers, Sr. S 653]

16 Dec., A committee to set bounds with Charlestown was frustrated from 1645-1650 when it finally was agreed on. This included 3,000 Acres at "uttermost Corner Northerly next Reding line, & so to run Southerly along two miles deepe on the East side of Shawshin[Billerica} line till the full extent of the three thousand Acres bee out." [Sewell p.28-30, & Charlestown Records 1:90f ] this is the "Land of Nod" now Wilmington {Sewell p.540]

1652 9 Jun. Billerica mentions "...East side Shawshine River..." [P 58, H 58]

29 Sep. Judith born, dies in Dec. [S 653]

1653 Francis a juror at Charlestown [Richard Wyman mss.]

22 Feb.John a surveyor for highways

2 May selectmen refuse to recognize Coggan's rights [p18]

1654 Committee to settle Wymans bounds [W 26]

Francis, Jr. born

25 Feb.John a constable

1654/5 29 Jan. Mr. Henry Dunster on 5 man committee to treat with Billerica residents, they reported 23 May 1655 [Paige, History of Cambridge, and Records of Cambridge 2:106]

1655 John a constable

Francis a constable [W 26]

10 May, Francis and John bought for

Wyman Chronology

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