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Francis Wyman was born in 1619 at Westmill, Hertsfordshire, England (about 30 miles north of London.) and was baptized at the 13C church of St. Mary there. Sometime after the death of his mother in 1630 he and his brother John came to New England, probably in 1636 with two of his uncle Richardsons where they settled in Charlestown. At the time they were teen-agers. Their father who remained in Westmill later in his will of 1658 granted " sons Francis Wyman and John Wyman wch are beyound seas, ten pounds apiece..."

In 1640 the brothers together with their three uncles Richardson signed the Woburn town orders when the town was established. They were thereby able to buy land at six pence per acre. They established a tannery in Woburn and lived at first on what is now called Wyman Lane.

In 1645 Francis married Judith Pierce who died shortly thereafter. In 1650 he married Abigail Reed by whom he had twelve children, nine of whom survived him. Abigail's father William was the progenitor of the numerous Reed families, and some in Burlington still remember the Reed Ham Works.

By 1655 Francis and John were well enough established to purchase 500 acres of land from the Rev. Henry Dunster, the first president of Harvard University, for

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